Taiwan Pulp Molding Co., Ltd.
TPM Pulp Molding Co., Ltd.


3) Tooling Facility Center

With our own complete in house tooling center readily available we are able to take concepts to production in shorter times. Our own in house tooling facility center includes high-tech CNC milling equipment that ensures dies are machined to previously impossible tolerances. The final CAD is downloaded directly in to the milling machinery, eliminating any chance of induced error. Rapid prototyping is used to delineate new molds and products. This ensures a rapid turnaround time from ordering to delivery. If it is required, TPM TFC is capable to design and prototype the molds and offer pre-production product samples for the potential customers.

- Quick, inexpensive in house tooling
- Easy, fast production changes
- Design flexibility with CAD-CAM state-of-the-art capabilities
- Our tooling is the result of the finest computer-assisted engineering expertise.