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Economic Benefits:

A major portion of your cost of interior packaging is the cost of transportation and warehousing and factory floor space.

1) Reduces warehouse handling, which take up considerably less space in order to reduce both shipping and storage costs.

2) Less labor-intensive assembly process reduces labor costs.

3) The anti-static property of molded pulp eliminates the need for electrostatic discharge bags which reduces time in assembly.

4) Frees warehouse space (an average of 10 to 20 % savings in floor space comparing to EPS).

5) Increased packaging efficiency, no assembly is required, molded pulp is ready to pack. Die-Cut corrugated design required too much time to set up the package.

6) Easy to unpack; saves time for downstream industries from receiving to re-distribution of finished goods.

7) Provides better product protection, highly shock absorbent, adequate protection, for inner-packaging purpose, if possible no longer needed the outer corrugated box in distribution process, instead wrapped in shrink film. (material savings)

8) Much better direct presentation of the packaged goods to the customer, excellent protection and easy to unpack.

9) Environmentally responsible packaging while at the same time controlling benefits.

10) To be more competitive in packaging businesses by adding more automated robots and sealing machineries with the savings derived from material, labor and warehouse handling.