Taiwan Pulp Molding Co., Ltd.
TPM Pulp Molding Co., Ltd.


Available Applications / Market Analysis:

1. Food & Service: Plate, cup, bowl, lunch box, and all sorts of tableware available in the market.

2. Food Packaging: Beer bottle holder, beverage holder and instant noodle cup/bowl, containers used in supermarket.

3. Industrial Packaging: Relatively heavy and moderately fragile items, irregular in shape and weight distribution.

4. Agricultural Packaging: Egg tray, fruit tray.

5. Horticultural Products: Biodegradable nursery pots.

6. Medical: Glass or delicate instrumentation (inner-packaging systems).

7. Hospital Use: Urine bottle, kidney tray.

8. Office Products: Corner protection, top & bottom pads.

9. Electronics: Cushioning purpose 60kg and under.

10. Consumer Goods: Wine bottle inner packaging, Compact Disc container, (light weights).

11. Miscellaneous: From roll stock film to specialty photography film.