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3)Why TPM Series?

The TPM (Pulp Molding Machine) Series consists of the following:
a) Stock preparation and storage system.
b) Thermoforming section with a vacuum system.
c) In-Mold drying section
d) Molds (Tooling).

1) TPM offers a wide range of machine types to meet specific output requirements. The TPM Series provides a comprehensive choice of platen sizes and molds per platen to satisfy each customer's specific needs.

2) The TPM Series is highly efficient in terms of energy and labor utilization, which results in a huge reduction in fuel, personnel consumption and product wastage of less than 0.05% in operation. Average yield rate out of total outputs is 99.5%. ( No furnace/oven dry process is required).

3) The machine is completely automatic that only one technician is required for several machines during the operation.

4) The TPM Series is manufactured with high-grade quality materials to ensure superb performance in the long run. The entire system is built almost entirely of rustproof materials such as stainless steel and high quality aluminum.

5) The configuration of the TPM Series is very flexible making it easy to upgrade from lower to higher production capacities.

6) The TPM Series is also space efficient as the TPM engineers have reduced the size of the TPM Series to save your factory space.

7) During the product manufacturing process, 60 percents of water are to be recycled and reused. 40 percents of water have been discharged due to steam-heating process in the manufacturing operation.

8) The TPM Series is easy to operate, simply by inputting desirable parameters from the LCD control panel:

1> Thickness level
2> Moistures level
3> Gloss Level
4> Stickness level
5> Tear level
6> Burst Level

9) The use of automatic level and flow controls ensures constant and accurate product weight and quality.

10) The TPM Series is capable to run smoothly and continuously 24 hours a day to approach maximum production capacity.

11) Cycle time varies from every 15 seconds to 60 seconds depending on product specifications and necessary production capacity.

12) Large effective platen size, economically efficient to maximize outputs.

13) Easy maintenances and reliable Machinery parts avoid machinery downtime.

14) Reduced tooling change time to maximize available production processing time.

15) Multi-purpose operation: capable to manufacture different items simultaneously to meet various market demands.

16) High precision tooling systems generate exceptional product turn out value. (tooling accuracy of more than 99.5%)

17) Finished molded pulp commodities by TPM Series are to be highly competitive in the market.

18) The heated pressing compacts the pulp to offer more fibers per inch. It increases the density of the pulp by compacting the fibers in the drying process

19) Vertical lift of the tooling itself allows maximum thickness

20) TPM Series is capable to reach maximum product height limit to 180mm, which have surpassed most of the pulp molding machines available in the markets so far.